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David Ragland is a Truth-Telling Reparationist.

David is a Truth-Telling Reparationist.

As a co-founder of the Truth Telling Project of Ferguson, David collaborated in conceptualizing the foundational approach to the work by thinking through the role of truth telling and by making needed connections to reparations.

Like many others, David views reparations in our time as requiring abolition or the dismantling of systems that were created for the purpose of slavery and colonization throughout the world.

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speaking and consulting

Speaking & Consulting

David engages communities in looking at reparations as a spiritual, political and social intervention that has implications for U.S. accountability within the country and around the globe.

He speaks to various groups about and for reparations by weaving in his experience as an activist and multidisciplinary scholar. Both his speaking and consulting work extends to various types of organizations, from corporate to nonprofit, as well as educational institutions at all levels.

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teaching and writing

Teaching & Writing

David is currently leading an online course entitled “Building a Culture of Reparations” and teaches courses at Pacifica Graduate Institute on Restorative Justice, Peacebuilding and Reconciliation, and Psychology of Violence. He has previously held faculty positions at Bucknell University, Juniata College and Southeast Illinois University at Edwardsville. In addition to teaching at the college level, David has experience in secondary and middle school education.

David’s writing and research is based on the ideas he explores in the classroom, which in turn influences what and how he teaches. In particular, he focuses on critical race theory, restorative justice, reparations, and peace education.

Contact David to converse about your needs and ideas.

Recent Publications

Truth-Telling as Decolonial Human Rights Education in the Movement for Black Liberation
International Journal of Human Rights Education
Volume 5, Issue 1

Webinar Panel
Disrupting Structural Racism and Injustice
April 21, 2021

Introduction to Kibilio Community & Farm
June 11, 2021

Episode 10: Truth-Telling with David Ragland, PhD
Brown Rice Hour with Konda Mason
April 12, 2021

Truth-Telling with Dr. David Ragland
Land and Power
November 12, 2020

Yes! Exclusive: On Reparations, Part 5
A Culture Shift Can Only Happen With Reparations and Truth Telling
By David Ragland
Yes! Magazine
June 16, 2020

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